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DarkWorld Network founded in June 2021 with an aim to provide various IRC related services to our users. This network is run by multiple individuls from all over the world. Darkworld is providing IRC Chat servers, ZNC bouncers , linux shells, IRC Casino games bots , IRC Channel statistics bots, Gaming news , webhotels over DevHosting and CSGO servers.

About IRC DarkWorld

Darkworld IRC Network consists of many servers spread out all over the world . DarkWorld use RoundRobin and assign a server automatically to the users who connect to the network to these different servers based on the number of people connected to each server and their geographic location. If you wish you can also connect to your favourite specific server by using the server name rather than the generic host of or your regional country hosts such as or Click SERVERS to see full list of available servers.

DarkWorld IRC Network uses Unrealircd as IRCd and Anope as services for network.