Terms of Service

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Usage of this network is a privilege,​ not a right. DarkWorld is a transit network,​ therefore no person onentity involved with *.darkworld.network or irc.darkworld.network takes any responsibility for  users' actions. Absolutely no warranty is expressed or implied.

* No spamming or flooding.

* No clones or malicious bots  or takeovers.

* No gambling / slander or libel / copyright infringement.

* No distribution of child pornography.

* No Spamming and/or advertising.

* No Hacking (including Virus/Trojan distribution.

* No Hate Speech/racism.

* No violent threats.

Staff email accounts are only for network purposes. Email accounts used by staff for personel use is prohabbited. All the email accounts provided by the network are only for internetwork communication purpose. If any staff email account is used for illegal activities that person will be only responsible for such acts and actions will be taken.

To report abuse please send us email at abuse@darkworld.network